Dr. Dan Fischer, DDS
The Diversity Foundation and Ultradent Products, Inc.

Dan E. Fischer graduated with his BS from the University of Utah in 1971. Dr. Fischer received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Loma Linda University in 1974. . Dr. Fischer maintained a full time private practice for fifteen years, workingafter hours on research and development of dental materials and procedures. Since 1990, he has worked extensively in research and development but still maintains a part time practice with an emphasis towards aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Fischer’s desire to improve patient service and clinical effectiveness led him into the field of research and development. He is President and Chief Executive Office of Ultradent Products, Inc. and extensively involved in the research and development of many products used widely in the dental profession.

Dr. Fischer was presented with the Alumnus of the Year award at Loma Linda University in 1994, and the Governor’s Medal for Science Technology for the state of Utah in 1997.

His passion for dentistry coupled with his love for the human race has led him to lecture on a global basis. He travels worldwide and lectures on new concepts of dentistry into the 21st Century.

As a child, Dr. Fischer was raised in a third generation polygamy home. He left the FLDS religion eleven years ago. Due to his former experience with polygamy and stemming from his concerns over the countless headlines detailing violent acts of hate, marked specifically by the shooting of young children at a Jewish community center in California and a cross burning incident in Utah, Dr. Fischer created The Diversity Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit foundation committed to preventing hate crimes through promoting diversity and fostering multicultural awareness among individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life.

For the last several years, Warren Jeffs has been the prophet in the FLDS community. He has led with extreme measures: banishing boys from the community, directing the early teenage marriages of girls to older men and authorizing the destruction of families. For instance, any father he feels to be unrighteous or unworthy is told to leave the community and that man’s wives and children are assigned to other men. The children are even instructed to change their last names and occasionally their first names.

The Lost Boys are a group of young men who have been kicked out, or discouraged out, of their community. They are banished from family and friends and are told to never associate with them again. Many of these boys have been expelled from everything they knew as young as 13 years of age.

The Diversity Foundation provides help for these boys. The goal is to help these young men find their way in today’s world and become happy, productive members of society. The Diversity Foundation helps the Lost Boys find employment, addresses and assists with payment for medical and dental expenses and at times provides assistance with living expenses.



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