The Scrapyard Detectives is a free comic book series devoted to promoting a union and cooperation of young people from differing cultures.  These educational comic books have proven successful in presenting an appreciation of multiculturalism, ethnicity and diversity.  Comic books are also an important developmental tool because they engage both the left and right brain to understand language and associate images.  The Diversity Foundation is pleased to give The Scrapyard Detectives as a free educational tool to libraries, educators and community groups. 

In 2006, The Diversity Foundation published Scrapyard Detectives #3, the third installment in the series, written by New York Times Bestselling children's author Jesse Leon McCann. This issue was also pencilled and colored by Scrapyard Detectives co-creator Bill Galvan, inked by Robert Hawkins and lettered by Dave Lanphear. An alternate cover for the San Diego Comic Con International was created by comics great Batton Lash.

In 2007, the Foundation plans to offer a collected edition of all three issues in a graphic novel format, with a new 11 page origin story of the detectives written by Batton Lash and drawn by Bill Galvan. This book will be offered to libraries in exchange for a small donation to the Foundation.

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